100% responsive HTML5 video V 2.0.3

  1. Download and unzip the element and put it in your project's Common/Elements folder

  2. Open your project

  3. Put this element on your page

  4. Adjust the width to a percentage of the parent element

  5. Make an approximation of the height

  6. Fill the required information (prefer images of the same height as your element)

  7. Ajust Video properties as follow

    1. MP4 Video - MP4 video file
    2. OGG Video - OGG  video file
    3. Image - Picture to display before video start.
    4. Controls - Display video controls
    5. Muted - Muted video mode
    6. Auto - Automaticaly starts video.  Will only work if video is muted.
    7. Loop - Video will play in loop continously.

  8. Ajust it by using OpenElement's media-queries
Version 1 - 2018-10-02
Version 2 - 2018-10-03, Retrait de la propriété Ratio, processus automatisé par la capture des dimentions de la trame via javascript
Version 2.0.3 - 2019-09-18, correction du code pour fichier ogg