A band of images of interactive widths reacting to the passage of the mouse pointer.

Version 2

Additionnal element designed for OpenElement
Your preferred image number

You can add picture title and link

  1. Download the element and put it in your project's Common/Elements folder

  2. Open your project

  3. Put this element on your page

  4. Adjust dimensions 

  5. Select typeface and parameters

  6. Fill the required information (prefer images of the same height as your element).  Images names must not contain spaces nor special symbols

  7. A "Media Queries" sub menu allows you to select the number of images per row based on the screen width

  8. Visualize
Font size, typeface, thickness and italic are managed trough
OpenElement's menu 
Tab: Element Style Zone: [Word Processing]
Group: Text Styles 
And trough the Edit Media options